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The Chinese cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world except for its salt content.  Unfortunately the salt content is often excessive, in fact some of the world’s most salty foods are Chinese.

Tourists are often surprised when they discover that steamed rice is an interesting exception—in the People’s Republic of China you can fill up on it, as it usually contains no added salt at all.

A lot of Chinese food is prepared from fresh ingredients, and the very salty ingredients can be omitted. Very often a Chinese chef can make you nice meal with a lot less salt.  On this web page you will find a request in Chinese characters for a low salt meal, written by Ms Su Liu.

Su was formerly a dietitian on the academic staff of Kunming Medical College at Kunming, in Yunnan Province.  She was the Project Director of a collaborative study on low salt food with the University of Tasmania, and was co-author of a report on that study that we published in the Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietitics [1].  Su now lives with her Australian husband in Hong Kong.

You can click here for a downloadable and printable PDF that requests a nice Chinese meal with a lot less salt.

1.    Beard TC, Liu S, Wang TY, Wang YG, Dwyer T, Liang LQ. Is it feasible to prevent hypertension and stroke in China? Australian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics. 1993;50:146–51.

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