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PRESCRIPTION DRUGS The Shopping Guide only follows the Australian Dietary Guidelines—written for everybody—but drugs that balance harmful salt intakes may become unsuitable or unnecessary at healthier salt intakes. Your doctor is the only person qualified to stop or alter the dose of prescription drugs. So if you take prescription drugs, print the Doctor’s Letter and take it to your doctor before you alter your salt intake.

After that do whatever your doctor recommends.

When you find a low salt food in the Shopping Guide it only means that the sodium content declared on the label makes it a low salt food if it is true to label.  It does NOT mean that the Menzies Research Institute or the University of Tasmania are endorsing this product (they don’t endorse food products).

The LOW SALT SHOPPING GUIDE is a 7-page PDF document.

Page 1 of the guide is a summary of how to eat healthily by choosing foods that are low in salt. Fresh food is almost always low in salt, while processed foods are very often high in salt.

Because low-salt processed foods are hard to find, on pages 2 & 3 you will find an illustrated shopping list of popular and useful low-salt processed foods.

Page four covers low-salt bread (very important), plus a list of helpful websites and an online store that stocks foods that are low in salt.

Choosing only foods that are low in salt should benefit all Australians except a few with special medical needs. However, if you are pregnant, ill, or taking prescription drugs (especially diuretics) you should show your doctor the 3-page “Salt Control” document (pages 5-7 of the PDF) before adopting a strict low salt diet.

You can DOWNLOAD and print the shopping guide PDF from this link: Low_Salt_Shopping_Guide

(To view or to print the PDF you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader you can download it free from:

The Shopping List (pages 2 and 3) was produced by SMANZ (Salt Matters—Australia New Zealand) using illustrations and information from

SMANZ is the imposing title that our Email Discussion Group has adopted for itself. If you are not already a member, click on this link Saltmatters – Email Discussion Group and read all about it. If you have any questions about salt come to SMANZ.

Page last modified on: Saturday 5 May 2018

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