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Australian Labels


Labels on packaged processed foods must carry a Nutrition Information Panel, which must always show the sodium content in milligrams per serving and milligrams per 100 grams (mg/100g). You only want the 100 gram column (100 g) -- you are only looking for low salt foods -- so you just check if the sodium in that column is no more than 120 mg (120 mg/100g).

Australian Labels

  • Find the 100 gram column (circled)

  • Find sodium (circled)

  • Check the sodium figure in the 100 gram column (circled)

This yoghurt has 60 mg per 100 grams -- you have found a low salt food.

Eat as much or as little as you like, guided only by your appetite, common sense and the need for a trim waistline. You are not on a diet, you are only choosing better food.

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